Lose literacy?

I’m running a CELTA this month and looking ahead to Week 4 and the input sessions we might include.  Literacy is there on my draft as a ‘must have’ and has been for ten years and more, since Cambridge made that compulsory.  This was to meet a requirement in the UK and other countries which welcomed refugees and asylum seekers where English classes were provided in reception centres.  It was considered important for teachers to be aware of literacy needs in an ESOL context.   Not to get too political, migration and the language need continues, but the policy on teaching provision has changed. Where does that leave us with the Literacy session? Recently, I can say that other tutors have doubted its call on precious time on a busy input timetable and have combined it with another session reducing, the time to half an hour, or not offered it at all.   Assessors, to my knowledge, have made no comment on this and I wonder – should it remain mandatory or could it be a decision handed over to the tutors?  My co-tutor and I have discussed this and decided not to include it this time.  Your experience/comments would be welcome.



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