Future Proofing CELTA

Following my post from IATEFL Brighton in April, here’s an interim update on my follow-up to Clare Harrison’s talk on making CELTA fit for purpose in the 21st century.

Regarding use of digital media, I have considered using interactive versions of coursebooks.  Where coursebook sets for TP are often older editions, and where not all places have interactive whiteboards, happily at Bell we have  IWBs and Cutting Edge 3rd edition available.  I have had the following ideas:

  • the tutors need to use the digital material in at least one demo lesson
  • trainees use this for 1 or 2 TPs
  • to catch both ends of the scale, i.e. trainees who are ‘techy’ and those who are not, they teach at least one lesson with the digital coursebook and one without
  • as our classrooms have very small traditional whiteboards, we can make a wheely board available to allow this
  • the tech and the low tech lessons should not coincide with Stage 2 or Stage 3, so that we avoid any problems asking trainees who are struggling to experiment

With the other strand from Clare’s talk, providing desired input on YLs/teens and large classes, I plan to offer these as two optional ‘flipped’ sessions, with a long-enough deadline to allow the trainee to fit their chosen one around the demands of  assignments and lesson planning.   The flipped session can be an integral part of the 120 hours and the f2f cascading session will allow trainees to share what they have seen and ask questions, and also benefit me in ensuring that they do watch the material by the end of the course.

Watch this space in the autumn for more updates.




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