Which Way Now?

I’m Main Course Tutor on a CELTA for the second time in a Centre and for the first time here my co-tutors are established trainers who trained up here and haven’t yet worked on CELTA elsewhere.  I’m delivering a version of my course adapted to local circumstances, e.g. TP’s at a different time, but a version unfamiliar to tutors familiar with what gets referred to as ‘The Bell Way’.  This difference, I think, is a good thing both because Cambridge allow for multiple ways and because it’s perhaps good for my colleagues to distinguish between those things that are Cambridge requirements and those that it’s ok to do differently.   So, Bell has a foreign language lesson on Day 1, mine is on Day 2.  They have 10 TPs per trainee, including 20-minute lessons, mine combine 40 and 60 minutes over 8 lessons.  I give TP points for each trainee’s first two lessons and Bell trainers do this for two thirds of the course.   Etcetera.

We’re at the beginning of Week 2, so how’s it going?  I’m happy to say that the tutors are asking questions to check stuff rather than complaining, and are gently mentioning what normally happens, without advocating that.  If they stay ‘with’ me, I could be a kind of catalyst, leaving them to compare what they know with how it is this time, and make informed choices on ways that are effective and that they choose because they believe in them.

This is how I’ve developed as a trainer myself working with different colleagues and in different Centres.  I hope that in some small way, it could be similar for them.



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